Certification summary

ECDL (European Computer Driving License) is an internationally recognised qualification. The ECDL certification you get upon completing your test is accredited by BCS. ECDL is recognised globally by employers, as the benchmark in Digital & IT User skills. 

The ECDL syllabus is designed and is suitable for beginner / novice computer users, meaning that anyone can take the course no matter your current skills or previous experience – making it a fantastic course for everyone. 

The course is a complete study programme, designed to improve your computer skills and technical expertise to get you to a high standard in Computer literacy – ready for your future career. Students gain an extensive and thorough understanding of in demand and popular software programmes, and a firm grasp on how PC’s work! 

Students will be awarded the Official BCS ECDL certification upon completion of the course.

Course Summary

The ECDL Essentials BCS accredited qualification is a Level 1 ITQ Award, that gives you 9 credits. It consists of modules 1, 2 and 7. 

ECDL Essentials is designed as an introduction to IT, for those who are new to the industry and have none or very little experience! 

You will gain knowledge and understand the principles of IT, and focus on 3 key essential modules to get you started. 

IT User Skills – Level 1 Award (ECDL Essentials)

Through the extensive range of skills that this qualification provides, it opens up a wide range of opportunities for students!

(Qualification Accreditation Number – 500/6226/8).

ECDL Description:

Created and designed personally by Industry Experts, the ECDL (European Computer Driving License) courses were created to expand understanding and knowledge on how to use a computer and in-demand technology. 

This is a globally accredited IT qualification – with over 14 million people engaged, in more than 100 countries!

ECDL qualifications are highly sought after and widely recognised by employers worldwide. By achieving this qualification, you are putting yourself a step ahead of everyone else, with your chances of finding employment being heightened.

Whether students come from an experienced background or not, they are able to build practical and functional computer skills and expand their knowledge! Students will be awarded with the ECDL BCS Official accreditation once they are successful and certified! 

This course provides students with a broad range of career that they can go into, due to the variety of skills that it provides. 

These are just some of the potential careers you could end up in..

-Cyber Security

-IT Fundamentals

– Internet and Emailing Support

The ECDL course is ideal for anyone looking to start their career in the industry, and offers a completely flexible working programme. No prior expertise or skills are needed – the ECDL course is designed for anyone to be able to complete, whether you are an intermediate computer user, or a total novice beginner! 

Please note that this course does not come with exams.


Careers and Jobs opportunities with the ECDL:

This is a widely recognised qualification in the workplace and is becoming increasingly popular amongst both public and private sectors. Many organisations have recognised the Official BCS Accredited ECDL qualification as the computer literacy standard. including The Aviation Industry, the UK Prison Service, and the NHS.

Below are listed some of the industries and job opportunities that a certified ECDL candidate could enter.

-IT Trainer with Microsoft Office
-Financial Auditor
-Public Sector


Course Modules

The Computer Essentials Module covers using the common functions of a PC and its operating system, and to learn how to organise and manage directories/folders and files and learn to operate effectively within the desktop environment.

The IT Security Module covers Guidelines and Procedures, Data Security, Technology Security, and System Performance and enables students to demonstrate their competence and knowledge in these areas.

The Using Email & the Internet Module covers how to use a web browsing application, how to understand concepts of electronic mail (email), and other communication options and enables students to learn about the Internet overall.

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